These reviews are compiled from various websites, including Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

“My family and I love this place. Yes, it takes a little while to get your food from time of order, but it’s for good reason — they don’t precook food and just heat it on the grill. All of the low rating reviews were from two months ago, when they had first opened. I think they have their feet under them now and are running on all cylinders. If you weren’t satisfied before, I urge you to try them again. Some folks say it’s pricey, I say it’s not at all, but I’m not the type of person to expect something for nothing, nor am I okay with paying next to nothing for low quality food. This place is the perfect mix between price and quality. The place is really clean and staff is always nice. If it takes a little longer to get your food, I’d advise you explore the world of social interaction while you sit and wait, or just use your phone. Find a way to pass the time, because I think the food is well worth the wait.”

Matt Sanders (Google)

“Always trying restaurants in the area. This one I will definitely be returning to. I read the reviews but stopped in for my opinion. Here goes:. Great food, average price for the style food, quick but descent service, clean from what I can see in the dining area and through the kitchen window. We are visiting on one of the hottest days of the summer so the A/C in the dining area wasn’t great but you have to remember they are dealing with the leasing company to fix it I guess. Come by and check it out.”

Garry Shepherd (Google)

“Discovered this place last week! We’ve already eaten there 3 times and it was easily the best food in town! It’s nice inside and every time, our food has been hot and delicious! Service was quick and friendly and I’d seen a few negative reviews but never had any issues. Give this place another chance lol. I definitely recommend the hibachi salmon with their soup!”

Parker Kinsley (Google)

“Decided to try this new restaurant. It was a great surprise. Hibachi food is fairly standard, but the sauces can really make the difference. The white sauce is done of the best in the area (including greater Raleigh area), the ginger sauce was very good as well. The real hidden gem was the spring rolls. These are the second best spring rolls I have ever had. They came with a duck like sauce with a nice spice to it. The value was ok. I would have liked a bit more food. Will definitely return!”

J Heel (Google)

“Super busy when they first opened.. but when you add something new to a small place like Siler City, what more could you expect? The staff Members are all really nice and the food is good as well! With good prices.. their spring rolls with whatever that red sauce is, is DELICIOUS

Only reason I’m rating 4 stars and not 5 is because I feel like they should have another cash register to make the ordering process a little faster”

Tamera Spinks (Google [Local Guide])

“Incredible. The food was perfect. The place is beautiful. The chandelier in the middle of the restaurant is breath taking. Good place and good food.”

Keona Gaines (Google)

“Food was great. It was fresh and rather fast coming to tha counter. The place was clean and the staff was pleasant to deal with.”

Brian Lowe (Google [Local Guide])

“Very good food love it its the best in town and fresh and hot food and service is good give it a try.”

Mia Gonzalez (Google)

“Food was awesome the chicken teriyaki was very delicious, me and my husband both loved it. They had great service and the people were very nice and friendly will definitely be visiting again!!”

Ester Hernandez (Google)

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